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Attero Dante device not communicating correctly


    1) Cannot see inputs and output in routing grid of Dante Controller
    2) Device view shows all status paramters as 'N/A'
    3) unIFY application times out when authenticating
      See images to the left for examples of the symptoms(click for larger view)


      If an Attero device displays one of the three above symptoms, then there is an IP address mis-match between the PC and the device.

      By default, Attero Tech Dante devices are set to get a dynamic IP address. If the device does not find a DHCP server to retrieve an IP address from, it will give itself a local link address or Automtic Private IP Address (APIPA) instead. This is always in the range 169.254.x.y.

      To ensure communication, the PC's IP address must also be in this range. This is done by altering the PC's network card settings to either get a dynamic IP address, or give it a static IP address in the range 169.254.x.y. The PC may require a restart for any network changes to take affect.

      If the device requires an alternative IP to match the rest of the devices on the network, once the PC can communicate with the device, Dante Controller can then be used to set a static IP address. The device will need a reboot after the new IP is set for it to take affect and the PC will then need it's IP address changing to something in range of the devices new IP address to allow it to communicate with it again.

Control Center does not detect any devices

  • Check devices and network infrastructure are powered
  • Check PC is attached to CobraNet Network
  • Check correct adapter selected in Control Centers network settings
  • Disable any internet security applications such as Symantec Endpoint

Devices in Control Center only display a yellow question mark

IP Address mismatch - IP address of device not in range of IP address the PC is using
  • If IP is auto-assigned, check auto assignment IP range matches the PC's network card (use the "Default Range" button if unsure). Then, reset device to clear original address and get a new one or right-click on the device and use "New IP Address" to assign a compatible address.
  • If IP statically assigned, check static IP address is within range of PC's network card.
No IP address - shows as
  • Assign static IP address or turn on IP address auto-assignment in Control Cetner

Device loses bundle settings when powered down

  • "Persistence" not enabled - Use Control Center to enable persistence
  • Device reset before settings saved - Wait 60 seconds after setting a value to ensure persistence takes effect

Device loses DSP settings when powered down

  • Default settings not saved. On Device Config screen for device, use "Save as Default" button or the "Save" button then "Default" button to save the new settings as the new power-on default.

None of these solve my problem!