Press Release - Attero Tech releases major upgrade for DialogBox automixer

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November 15, 2013

Contact: Bob Floyd, Floyd & Partners

Attero Tech releases another major upgrade for its top selling DialogBox automixer.

Fort Wayne, IN – For the second time this year, Attero Tech (AT) has released an upgraded version of its highly successful DialogBox 4/2. The unit is a four-analog input, two-analog output, CobraNet networked automixer and now offers:

Third Party Control Interface – the DialogBox now accepts third-party control via the Ethernet network, using a simple ASCII-based UDP protocol that controls: input volume, zone output volume, zone output source selection, and preset store/recall.

Presets – the DialogBox now allows for multiple presets for applications that may require extensive reconfiguration, such as meeting spaces in hotels.

SquawkBox Integration – the upgraded DialogBox can be configured to issue override command messages to an AT SquawkBox, based on the activation of the assigned logic inputs. This allows for basic paging control or emergency notification in a system that includes a DialogBox and multiple SquawkBoxes. The override message configuration allows for unique group assignments for further flexibility in multiple zone systems.

Logic Input Network Control – the DialogBox can now be used to generate a UDP message, based on logic input events on the DialogBox. This allows the DialogBox to send a status message to a control system (or other network-enabled device) to indicate the state of the logic inputs for further event processing. This gives the integrator some generic event-driven control for further control flexibility.

All new features will be integrated into Control Center for system setup.

Like the previous upgrade announced in April 2013, this DialogBox will feature priority duckers on all outputs. The duckers feature two inputs: one as primary, the other as secondary. The unit will also offer remote volume control, muting, source selection and preset recall via a third-party accessible network interface.

The DialogBox has eight audio inputs: four can come from any source on the CobraNet network; the other four balanced analog inputs accommodate mic or line level devices such as wired or wireless mics, or other line level analog sources. Of the eight outputs, six are digital, back to the CobraNet network. The other two are balanced line level analog outputs that can provide audio to non-network devices.

DialogBox is positioned for application in small to medium-sized venues that want the advantages of networked audio at an affordable price. It also interfaces seamlessly with other Attero Tech gear, as well as all other CobraNet products (for more information, go to:

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