Press Release - ISE 2014: Attero Tech to unveil unIFY control modules for networked AV systems

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January 13, 2014

Contact: Bob Floyd, Floyd & Partners

ISE 2014: Attero Tech will unveil its new unIFY series control modules for its affordable networked AV systems and third-party devices.

Fort Wayne, IN -- At ISE 2014, Attero Tech will unveil its new unIFY series control modules. The new products include the CommandHub for third-party devices and RemoteHub for the AT DialogBox [see attached images].

“Our goal with unIFY is to offer customers a more complete networked AV solution that's affordable, flexible and highly capable,” says Mike Sims, Director of Marketing and Sales. “These products will expand our customer's options significantly.”

unIFY CommandHub

CommandHub enables third-party devices to communicate with and control the company's Dante and CobraNet-equipped products.  It can also be used to bridge separate control and audio networks. CommandHub has an embedded web server for configuration. Required setup, however, is minimal.

Attero Tech will publish its control protocol for its products that third-party, control-systems programmers can use in conjunction with the CommandHub to control and monitor AT devices.

CommandHub connects via CAT-5.

unIFY RemoteHub

RemoteHub will interface with simple, low cost wall-mounted remotes. Examples include a volume remote, a preset recall remote, and a source selection remote. Installers will be able to assign the remotes to Attero Tech's DialogBox for simple-yet-customizable integration within the local control center software.

The control module talks to remotes using RS-485 over UTP (Cat-5) cable and translates/synchronizes the remotes to the DialogBox. RemoteHub will have options for PoE or local power, and will connect to up to 16 wall-mounted remotes. At present the device only supports control with the DialogBox, but will give the company a platform to eventually interface with its Dante-equipped products.

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unIFY RemoteHub

unIFY CommandHub