Dante • unD4I-L Overview

Dante unD4I-L thumbnail
  • SUMMARY - A 4-input Dante interface that is a convenient, cost-effective way to add mic/line inputs to an existing Dante-based networked audio system.
  • INPUTS - 3-pin depluggable connectors with switchable mic/line gain and phantom power on all inputs.
  • INDICATORS - Front Panel LED's show phantom power status and input gain settings for each input.
  • DAISY CHAIN - Built-in daisy chain support that allows additional devices that support daisy chaining to be connected to help reduce cabling.
  • CONTROL - Audio flow assignment, input gain per input, and phantom power per input are all controllable via the Dante network connection
  • LOGIC I/O - Four logic inputs and four logic outputs for programmable, networked third party control.