Dante • unHX2D Overview

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  • SUMMARY - The unHX2D is a Dante™ enabled HDMI de-embedder/embedder designed to bridge 2-channel PCM HDMI audio to/from a Dante audio network. In addition, the unHX2D includes two line level analog inputs and outputs that can be independently bridged to/from a Dante audio network. An adjustable audio delay buffer is included on the Dante output for audio and video lip sync.
    • HDMI to Dante PCM De-embedder
    • Dante to HDMI PCM Embedder
    • Flexibile I/O Routing w/4K Passthru w/ EDID management
    • Adjustable Lip Sync Delay
    • Analog Line Level I/O
    • S/PDIF-Dante I/O
    • 3rd Party Network Control
    • 4x4 Dante Interface

Firmware Compatibility Note: Two versions of firmware are available for this product that each support a different control method. Click this link for further details.

Audio routing options: