DialogBox • 4/2 Overview

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  • SUMMARY - A four (analog) input, 2 (analog) output, CobraNet Networked Automixer. Perfect for small venues that want the advantages of networked audio without breaking the budget. Oh yeah, it interfaces seamlessly with other Attero Tech products, as well as all other CobraNet products.
  • INPUTS & OUTPUTS - Eight audio inputs. Four come from any source on the CobraNet network. Four local balanced analog inputs accommodate mic or line level devices like wired or wireless mics, or other line level analog sources. Of the eight outputs, six are digital, back to the CobraNet network and two are balanced line level analog outputs can provide audio to non-network devices.
  • AUTOMIXING - Proportional gain automixing system, which is insensitive to changes in background noise and is completely inaudible in operation. Every multi-mic installation will benefit by having less feedback and more intelligible audio with the DialogBox Automixer on the job.
  • DSP - All inputs have gain control, filtering, full automixing, and EQ. All outputs have a 2-band fully parametric filter, gain control and an adjustable limiter. There's also a 9x4 matrix mixer for routing as well as parametric EQ and lmiter on each output as well as a two-tier ducking feafture.
  • Logic Inpus - Eight progammable logic inputs with options for input muting, output muting, zone volume control and zone secondary source select