InBox • R8 Overview

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  • SUMMARY - Handles all RCA output consumer device, and eliminates all of the annoyances normally associated with unbalanced analog signals.
  • CONSUMER ELECTRONICS - Eight RCA channels will handle consumer devices, including CD players, TVs, radios, iPods, etc.
  • ADVANCED DSP - Process your signal before it goes to the network. InBox's built-in DSP offers an equalizer, compressor, gain and delay, configurable on a per-channel basis.
  • PoE POWER - A single CAT-5, and now you're live. Ethernet carries power, 8 audio channels, control signals, and CobraNet protocol to your 'Box.
  • INNIE - A powerful and permanent way to run live audio through A-D conversion, and spit it into a CobraNet network.