OutBox • R8 Overview

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  • SUMMARY - A cost-effective way to get great-sounding unbalanced audio out of the CobraNet, without the signal degradation, cable costs, and troubleshooting of running analog.
  • CONSUMER ELECTRONICS - Eight RCA channels consumer devices including CD players, TVs, radios, iPods, etc.
  • ADVANCED DSP - By the time they reach an OutBox, CobraNet bundles have usually run through a DSP already. All you need is the basics – limiter, gain, and delay – just in case you need to tweak things for your receiving device.
  • PoE POWER - A single CAT-5, and now you're live. Ethernet carries power, 8 audio channels, control signals, and CobraNet protocol from DSP, or right from another Out-of-the-Box product.
  • OUTIE - Durable and user-proofed. There's just no easier or more cost-effective way to provide an analog signal from your CobraNet network, and output it to the world.