OutBox • X2 Overview

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  • SUMMARY - A simple, cost-effective way to get balanced audio out of the CobraNet and into an XLR connection, without the troubleshooting and cost of running analog lines.
  • PRO SOUND - XLR balanced audio outputs at line level easily drive balanced or unbalanced loads.
  • ADVANCED DSP - With full equalization, including 5 parametric filters, along with with low cut, limiting and gain control, there's no need to use up DSP resources back in the rack for the things you always need to do for an output.
  • PoE POWER - A single CAT-5, and now you're live. Ethernet carries power, 8 audio channels, control signals, and CobraNet protocol to your DSP, or right to another Out-of-the-Box product.
  • OUTIE - Durable and user-proofed. There's no easier or more cost-effective way to provide an analog signal from your CobraNet network, and output it to the world.