VoiceBox • 4I/OP Overview

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  • SUMMARY - A powerful DSP gives the VoiceBox so much versatility, it can act as a mic/line preamp, mixing console, matrix mixer, or networked signal processor to supplement the rack mounted DSP on your network.
  • SERIAL BRIDGING - An RS-232 port can send serial data to any CobraNet device in the system, letting you pass configuration changes and control commands to compatible 3rd-party hardware.
  • SUPERIOR DSP - Condition your audio with an 8-band parametric equalizer, compressor, and gain controls. Route local and networked audio on a virtual matrix mixer. An adjustable limiter allows you to keep maximum signals safe for eardrums and speakers. Track down bugs with a sine wave generator.
  • PoE POWER - A single CAT-5, and now you're live. Ethernet carries power, multiple audio channels, control signals, and CobraNet protocol to a DSP, or right to another Out-of-the-Box product.
  • I/O - Marry ADC, DAC, and DSP, and turbo-charge them with CobraNet power. Whether you need to add audio into the network, pull a signal out, or just process the digital waveform for the rest of the system, we've got you covered.